Unique. Revolutionary. Most accurate, technically advanced Impact Echo based system for structural condition assessment.

bridge deck scanning, bridge deck testing

As a result of research funding from the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis (NCHRP IDEA Contract No. 132), Olson Engineering developed the Bridge Deck Scanner which utilizes the Impact Echo (IE) test method as it is towed along a deck. Download the PDF to read more on the BDS for full-lane scanning to detect both top and bottom deck delaminations. For smaller concrete areas such as parking structure decks or industrial building floors, a single pair of wheels can be towed by hand with a cart. If access permits the use of 4 or all 6 wheels, Olson engineers will use a utility vehicle to tow the BDS system.

For decks with additional problems such as freeze-thaw cracking or alkali-silica reaction cracking damage, SASW tests can be performed on bridge decks to evaluate bridge deck integrity along with the Bridge Deck Scanner system.

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