Anniversary Message

Our First Thirty Years - 1985 to 2015

To all of our current and past employees we say thank-you for the dedication, loyalty, excitement, and world class work. To our clients and customers I say it has been an honor to know you and our privilege to work with you on your projects to help us become successful. The future is bright at Olson Engineering, so I take this opportunity to reflect on this, our 30 Year Anniversary, and comment on the 22 years of Olson Instruments which developed out of it.

Starting a specialized consulting company five years after college at age 29 was exciting, and maybe a bit naive, in the field of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and evaluation of structures, which few had even heard of in 1985. It has taken my wife, Jan, and I on an adventure to build a business that requires inventing and collaborating with the best minds in the industry as we helped apply, create and develop services and equipment designed to image the infrastructure. My goal from the beginning was to image structures like dams, buildings, roads, bridges and tunnels etc., to facilitate the identification of anomalies that would affect the integrity of structures that people use every day.  Using technologies similar to those associated with ultrasound, I wanted to create visual representations that would make it possible to better understand and maintain the integrity of structures, or identify necessary repairs to avoid catastrophic events. That remains Olson Engineering’s first and highest goal.

At the start we were conducting sonic echo/impulse response integrity testing of drilled shaft and pile foundations, ultrasonic pulse velocity testing of structural concrete, and crosshole seismic testing. We have always benefited from the talents of outstanding people through the years. In our early days, many of our staff and I were lugging around an expensive 70 lb dynamic signal analyzer that recorded data on a 3.5 inch floppy disk or a large early portable PC with an A/D card all without batteries! A lack of suitable battery-powered, more portable, field NDT test equipment prompted us to build our own devices, first for ourselves, and then, in 1993 we opened Olson Instruments from which we sell our equipment to a customer base all over the world. It wasn’t long before we started to add to those technologies and make instruments that were ruggedized, battery powered and more portable which continues to this day. We now offer over thirty different consulting NDT and geophysical test methods, and several Olson Instruments Platforms which provide seventeen NDT and geophysical engineering tests.

In 2011 Jan and I decided to further expand Olson Engineering’s presence to the east coast and we opened our new office in Rockville, Maryland, 30 miles from Washington, D.C. which has allowed us to concentrate on the eastern US and the aging infrastructure along the eastern seaboard and eastern US.

In November 2012 we opened our new Geophysics Division. In the following years, our Geophysics Division has grown quickly as we have continued to add staff  and equipment to increase capabilities for continued growth in the coming years. The synergism between NDT and Geophysics has been great for the company and our clients.

We continually work on the next generation of technology in NDT and Geophysics, in both services and equipment, and our commitment to our vision of imaging is still strongly with us as we push hard into the next thirty years. Our thirst to explore and provide improvements for our industry is stronger than ever as we look forward to a future that includes The Cloud, fiber-optic sensing, drones, robots, artificial intelligence and other technologies that will be added to our arsenal of tools to image the infrastructure for the safety and well-being of us all.

Again, thank you to the employees and clientele who have helped us make Olson Engineering what it is today; 30 years of success and enjoyment. We are encouraged and excited about our future together.

- Larry D. Olson, President