Meet The Executives


Larry D. Olson, P.E.

President and Chief Engineer, M.S.

Larry Olson, Olson EngineeringMr. Olson is the sole owner of Olson Engineering and co-founded the company as its President in 1985 in Denver, Colorado and is internationally recognized as a leader in nondestructive evaluation of structures and infrastructure. Mr. Olson has over 35 years of consulting experience in structural condition assessment, geotechnical, pavement, materials, geophysical and vibration engineering. He has conducted and/or reviewed as the Chief Engineer over 4000 projects to investigate the condition of bridges, buildings, dams, foundations, pavements and tunnels. He is a registered Civil Professional Engineer in 21 states and the District of Columbia. He started Olson Instruments, Inc., as a division in 1993 and incorporated it in 1995 to provide instruments for nondestructive evaluation and geophysical engineering for structural and infrastructure applications.  In 2011, Mr. Olson established our mid-Atlantic office (metro Washington, DC) in Maryland to bolster Olson Engineering's presence in the eastern corridor. He regularly speaks and publishes on Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT&E) and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for construction applications and has taught short courses and/or ASCE Seminars on structural and bridge condition assessment nationally and internationally.  Mr. Olson obtained his Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Masters in Engineering (geotechnical) degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and was honored in October, 2006 as a distinguished alumni of the UT Civil Architectural and Environmental Engineering Department. Mr. Olson received patents on impact echo scanning and parallel seismic/cone penetrometer testing and has conducted a number of funded research projects on NDE and Geophysics of infrastructure.

Dennis A. Sack, P.E.

Senior Vice President and Principal Engineer

Dennis Sack, Olson EngineeringBefore joining Olson Engineering (OE) in 1990, Mr. Sack had been with Northrop Aerospace as a Wind Tunnel Instrumentation Engineer. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Cal State University, Northridge, California Magna Cum Laude and completed all of the course work of the Masters in Electrical Engineering program (Digital Signal Processing) at Cal State Northridge. Mr. Sack has a broad range of experience in NDT and evaluation of structural elements of various materials. He has extensive consulting experience in over 3800 nondestructive evaluation, vibration and geophysical investigations. In addition to his consulting service ability, Mr. Sack has been responsible for the design and development of instrumentation, both hardware and software, for over 20 years for Olson Instruments (OI). He has designed and built the electronics for the Olson Instruments Freedom Data PC, Concrete Thickness Gauge, and NDE360, as well as associated transducers, pulser units and software for ultrasonic, sonic, seismic, vibration and physical testing measurements. Mr. Sack holds a patent in Scanning Apparatus and Method for Non-Destructive Materials Evaluation and Mapping Through Use of Acoustic Waves. Mr. Sack's responsibilities as Senior Vice President are varied. He supports the OE Consulting Group as well as the OI Design Group in the Colorado Office. Mr. Sack has prepared and presented a number of papers on a variety of aspects related to NDT of infrastructure, and is currently an instructor for the ASCE seminar on Structured Condition Assessment of Existing Structures. A list of Mr. Sack's PE's, society membership and activities, and publications can be found below.

Patrick K. Miller, P.E.

Senior Engineer, M.S.

Patrick Miller, Olson Engineering

Patrick Miller currently holds the position of Senior Engineer at Olson Engineering, and manages the Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Group. Mr. Miller earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Cum Laude, at Tufts University, Massachusetts, in May 2004, and completed a Masters in Engineering Systems (Civil Specialty) at the Colorado School of Mines in May 2007. He has been with Olson Engineering for 13 years, where he has been involved in nondestructive evaluation (NDE) engineering consulting projects on all types of civil structures, applied research including federally funded studies, and NDT product development for Olson Instruments on systems such as the Olson Resonant Tester (RT-1), Sonic Surface Scanner (S3) and Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD). Mr. Miller has also been involved in client training on all systems that Olson Instruments manufactures, both during in-house seminars and traveling abroad for special projects. Additionally, he has conducted destructive condition assessment investigations to help identify concrete material degradation factors and has been involved in material repair recommendations/designs for concrete infrastructure. Mr. Miller has prepared and presented a number of papers related to NDE of infrastructure, geophysical testing of soils, interferometric testing of rock slopes, and analysis of light weight deflectometers.

Ryan E. North, RPG, GISP

Principal Geophysicist, Ph. D.

Ryan North, Olson Engineering

Dr. Ryan E. North is the Principal Geophysicist at Olson Engineering and manages the Geophysical Services Group. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics at West Virginia Wesleyan College in May 1997, with a minor in Math and Economics. He completed a Masters at the Colorado School of Mines in Geophysical Engineering in May 2002, and his Doctorate at the Colorado School of Mines in Geophysics in August 2017, with a minor in Geotechnical Engineering. Before joining Olson Engineering in 2019, Dr. North spent 17 years with the US Army Engineer Research & Development Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where he developed research proposals and managed research projects. He has more than 20 years of experience working on near-surface geophysics applications. As a result of this experience, he has worked on a range of project types, from military projects addressing landmine, IED, UXO, and tunnel detection, to civil works projects addressing levee and dam seepage issues and condition assessment.