The Executives

Patrick K. Miller, P.E.

Associate Principal Engineer, M.S.

Patrick Miller currently holds the position of Associate Principal Engineer at Olson Engineering, and manages the Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Group. Mr. Miller earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Cum Laude, at Tufts University, Massachusetts, in May 2004, and completed a Masters in Engineering Systems (Civil Specialty) at the Colorado School of Mines in May 2007. He has been with Olson Engineering for 13 years, where he has been involved in nondestructive evaluation (NDE) engineering consulting projects on all types of civil structures, applied research including federally funded studies, and NDT product development for Olson Instruments on systems such as the Olson Resonant Tester (RT-1), Sonic Surface Scanner (S3) and Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD). Mr. Miller has also been involved in client training on all systems that Olson Instruments manufactures, both during in-house seminars and traveling abroad for special projects. Additionally, he has conducted destructive condition assessment investigations to help identify concrete material degradation factors and has been involved in material repair recommendations/designs for concrete infrastructure. Mr. Miller has prepared and presented a number of papers related to NDE of infrastructure, geophysical testing of soils, interferometric testing of rock slopes, and analysis of light weight deflectometers.


  • Colorado


  • “Nondestructive Evaluation of Grout Defects in Internal Tendons of Post-Tensioned Girders,” Tevfik Terzioglu, Madhu M. Karthik, Stefan Hurlebaus, Mary Beth D. Hueste, Virginia Foster, Stefan Maack, Jens Wostmann, Herbert Wiggenhauser, Martin Krause, Patrick K. Miller and Larry D. Olson, NDT&E International 99, May 2018. 
  • “Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves Scanning to Identify Debonding Conditions between HMA Layers in Pavements,” co-authored with Y Tinkey, P Miller and M Heitzman, Transportation Research Board 2011 Annual Meeting Proceedings, January, 2013.
  • “Bridge Deck Scanning for Condition Assessment of Bare Concrete and Asphalt Overlaid Decks”, Tinkey, Y., Miller, P., Leonard, M., Pott, A. and Olson, L., Transportation Research Board 2013 Annual CD Proceedings, January, 2013. 
  • “Remote Rock-Fall Monitoring With An Interferometric Radar System”, Patrick K. Miller, P.E., Arian Weaver, Colin Leek, Larry D. Olson, P.E., SAGEEP 2012 Conference, March 2012.                                                                
  • “Vehicle-Mounted Bridge Deck Scanner”, Y Tinkey, P Miller, L Olson and J Tanner, Transportation Research Board 2011 Annual Meeting Proceedings, January, 2011.
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