tech brief

Ultraseismic (US) investigations are performed to evaluate the integrity and determine the length of shallow and deep foundations. This method is a variation of the more typical SE/IR test method, with the US method having a higher sensitivity to weak bottom echoes. The method is particularly useful in testing abutments and wall piers of bridges because of the relatively large exposed areas available for mounting instrumentation. The US method involves mounting transducers in multiple vertical and horizontal locations for the purpose of tracking the position of compressional, shear, and/or bending waves generated when the member is impacted with an instrumented hammer. This method was internally developed as a response to encountered difficulties with the SE/IR and SKM methods when many reflecting boundaries are present.

Applicable On: Drilled Shafts, Driven Piles, Auger-Cast Piles, Abutments, and Wall Piers composed of concrete, masonry, steel, stone, or wood.

Test For: Cracks, Voids, Soil Intrusions, and Foundation Lengths