Olson is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for FHWA’s SHRP2 Implementation Assistance Program for 2014-2017.  The SME role involves two products: 1) R06A Nondestructive Testing of Concrete Bridge Decks; and, 2) R06G Nondestructive Testing of Tunnels.  Ten state DOT’s are involved to implement NDT technologies developed under SHRP2 with R06A and R06G products.

Subsurface imaging of a fault system with seismic reflection in Southwest Colorado allowed a private land owner to provide water supply for their growing Buddhist retreat facilities. Following years of unsuccessful drilling operations, the seismic results were utilized to target a fracture-controlled artesian groundwater resource less than 200 feet below ground surface. A single well was drilled and developed for water production.

Structural Condition Assessment and Repairs Consultation for eight 50-year old bridges along the toll road in Gary, Indiana. Investigated the integrity of concrete decks, steel girders, columns and beams, concrete piers and abutments, and timber, concrete, monotube and steel piles.

In Joint Venture (JV) with Ultra Technologies in New Delhi, India for the Nondestructive Evaluation of Unknown Bridge Piers and Abutments, presented to personnel from the Northern Railways of Indian National Railways, New Delhi, India.

Historic preservation studies of the concrete substructure and marble of both memorials as well as vibration damage mitigation and corrosion evaluation studies at the Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC.

Construction quality audit with NDE and Geophysical methods of embankments, bridge foundations and tunnel linings from Seoul to Taejon, South Korea.

Investigations for foundation design using geophysical methods such as seismic, electrical resistivity and/or electromagnetics. These investigations range from small- to large-scale wind farms with projects performed in Washington, Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, North Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado.

Southwest Corridor structural condition assessment of 10 box girder bridges for concrete placement and consolidation problems, and continued NDT assessment of bridge foundation elements for each new alignment of the RTD Light Rail system in Denver, Colorado.

Dam Safety Evaluations of Concrete, Masonry, and Embankment Conditions with engineering geophysical methods (including refraction, surface waves, crosshole/downhole) and NDT methods (including impact echo and radar methods on appurtenances) both nationally and internationally.

NDT Investigation at the Cheops Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt with Impact Echo testing with a remotely-operated Concrete Thickness Gauge mounted on an iRobot tracked robot to test a stone door in an air shaft in Great Pyramid, as shown in a National Geographic's television special that aired in September of 2002.