Impact Echo Based Concrete Bridge Deck Testing

  tech brief 

Impact Echo Based Sonic Surface Scanner (S3)

Based on the Impact Echo method, our S3 is the most technically advanced system for structural condition assessment to date. No other system on the market tests for both top and bottom concrete deck delaminations, while performing over 20,000 impact echo tests in 1 hour. The SSS-IE-SASW method system employs the Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW) method as well as the IE method to provide many benefits over traditional chain dragging of bare concrete decks including:

  • Highly accurate mapping of top deck steel delaminations to 1 foot or less
  • Detects bottom deck rebar delamination in areas without top delamination
  • Thickness profiling of sound deck areas
  • Complete deck integrity evaluations with combined IE-SASW scanning
  • Highly accurate bridge damage maps for repair bids

Applicable On: Concrete Decks (ex: parking decks, bridge decks, industrial building floors, etc)

Test For: Top and Bottom Concrete Delaminations