February 2021 Webinar – Geophysical Methods for Assessment of Embankment Dams


January 2021 Webinar – Nondestructive Evaluation of Tunnels, Pipes, and Conduits


December 2020 Webinar – Assessment of Building Conditions using NDE Methods


October 2020 Webinar – Seismic Refraction for Near-Surface Geophysics


September 2020 Webinar – Radar Monitoring with IBIS for Bridges and Wind Turbines


August 2020 Webinar – Light Weight Deflectometer for QA of Compaction of Roadbase and Subgrade Fills


July 2020 Webinar – Nondestructive Evaluation of Unknown Foundations


June 2020 Webinar – Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Dams


May 2020 Webinar – Bridge Assessment using Nondestructive Evaluation Methods


April 2020 Webinar – Seismic Site Classification